GLASS SPINNING TOP (summer dawn) by Ingrid Hulskamp

A series of magical glass spinning tops inspired on the ever-changing elements of nature. Read more...

To counterbalance our rushed digital lifestyle and pursue time for daily contemplation in an intuitive way, Ingrid Hulskamp developed a series of tactile spinning tops that evoke physical interaction.

The elegant tops made of hand-blown glass, are hollow vessels filled with water and various colors of pigment. When spinning the tops gently, the pigments inside rise up and transform magically in shape and color. In rest the pigments in the top sink down, and finely the water becomes transparent again.

The glass spinning tops remind us of the candid fun we had as a child, when we fully got caught up in the moment. They are inspired by an old-fashioned children toy and the ever-changing elements in nature.

Each spinning top is made with utmost care, they are completely handmade and unique pieces. They come to your door in a handmade box, specially designed both to protect the top for shipping and to display it on a velvet pedestal.

Mouthblown-glass, distilled water,
pigment, wood and brass

8 x 13 cm, 0,23 kg

Purple Mist / Venice Spring /
Midnight Blue / Ocean Deep /
Color on request

380 euro

0 - 2 weeks