A collection of paper surfaced mirrors inspired by the guilty pleasure of tearing paper off.
In our busy life we tend to behave in automatic patterns. Doing things thoughtlessly with routine, such as preparing ourselves for the day. During the daily ritual of looking into the mirror I see an opportunity to alter this unconscious behavior through a playful, sensory, and contemplative object.
The collection consists of five mirrors that are partially covered with multi- layered paper. From a horizontal line in the middle of the paper, the user can begin to tear the paper randomly away. Layer by layer unique unexpected images resembling landscapes will come alive. In the process of making the paper material, 88 sheets of paper are carefully painted and glued by hand in the same motion resulting in distinctive, lively and sensitive colors.
The productphotos of the paper surfaced mirrors are torned to showcase possible outcomes. Please note that every mirror is unique and no result of tearing, the 88 coloured papers, will ever be the same.
Concept, Design, Art Direction and Photography: Ingrid Hulskamp
Special thanks to Pauline Vitupier

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