'Daily Poetry'

Daily Poetry: Toys for contemplation from Ingrid Hulskamp on Vimeo.

To counterbalance our rushed digital lifestyle and pursue time for daily contemplation in an intuitive way Ingrid Hulskamp developed a series of tactile objects that evoke physical interaction.
The luxurious objects made from hand-blown glass, brass-plated gold, wood and colored pigments transform magically through movement.
The objects are inspired by the visualisation of time, old-fashioned children toys and the ever-changing elements in nature.
“When we grow older, we can lose our open mind to the world and it becomes so much more difficult to live in the moment,”. “Playing and laughing can bring us back to the here and now. It's so vital for our well-being.”

One ride
Blue Galaxy
Blue Bloom
Catchy Player
Oasis in Time
Little Galaxy
Golden egg
Rock Island